Onward. And upward. The Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital Construction Blog Our new facility has 6 stories.  Our history has thousands.
19Nov 2013

New Mary Free Bed Construction Timelapse Video

Watch the latest Mary Free Bed Construction timelapse video from October 20 - November 18, 2013.

15Nov 2013

We're making progress!

Things are moving along on Mary Free Bed's construction site. View recent images.

Mary Free Bed construction site

04Nov 2013

Construction Fun Facts

Our six-story expansion will allow enough space to encourage family participation in the recovery process as well as allowing for future growth. Destination locations for patients and families include a café, salon, rooftop terrace, library areas, chapel, social areas, and a movie local.

Other construction facts include:

  • Hundreds of local construction and renovation personnel are employed on  the project
  • 250-350 new Mary Free Bed positions will be created in skilled nursing, therapy, and related-health specialties
  • Growing inventory of specialized medical programs in west Michigan will be enhanced
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