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Hand Therapy at Mary Free BedAn injury to your hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder can make it difficult or painful to participate in daily activities, like working or taking care of yourself or your family. The Mary Free Bed Hand Therapy Program in Grand Rapids helps patients from throughout West Michigan who are experiencing functional limitations in an upper extremity.

We help patients of all ages, including children, working professionals and older adults. Treatment may be appropriate if you’ve suffered a work injury, a car accident or another source of traumatic injury. We also help prevent further deterioration if you have arthritis or a soft tissue disorder.

Our patient-centered, goal-oriented treatment plans help restore function and independence. A thorough evaluation allows us to assess the effects of your impairment, such as pain, hypersensitivity, a loss of range-of-motion or muscle weakness. We’ll determine root causes of disability, such as scar adhesions, edema and wounds. The duration and frequency of your treatment is decided at your initial assessment, but can fluctuate as your needs evolve.

Your hand therapy team may recommend and implement a variety of treatment options. Custom splinting, fabricated by your therapist, can be very effective. We also use manual therapy, and may use several specialized techniques, such as the application of hot and cold, electrical stimulation for muscle and pain control, ultrasound for deep heat, scar and edema management and therapeutic exercises and activities. We’ll also provide you with education, including exercise and splinting programs you can do at home.

Our team approach means your physicians, therapists and case managers collaborate with you to pursue a positive outcome. Also integral to your success is the close involvement of our occupational therapists. These specialists, many of whom are certified in hand therapy, develop protocols with hand surgeons using the latest evidence and educate local occupational therapy practitioners in best practice involving upper extremity conditions. Because of this expertise, our occupational therapists can efficiently help you to achieve your goals during the recovery process.

Marilee J. Mead, MD, is Medical Director of the hand therapy program. She specializes in conditions affecting the structure and function of the fingers, hand and wrist. She also treats repetitive motion conditions, traumatic injuries and complex hand problems. Our therapy services are provided with a physician referral.


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