‘Be Advised’ Podcast

The Mary Free Bed Advisory Group’s “Be Advised” podcast shines a spotlight on the field of medical rehabilitation and why it’s a critical component of health care. We feature interviews with industry leaders and medical experts on topics such as care transitions, patient access, virtual care, program design and space planning, research and nursing education.

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Episode 9How to Live Your Mission and Vision within a Hospital
Our guest is Meg Derrer, program director of the Mary Free Bed Guild and a passionate community advocate. Derrer talks with the “co-advisors” about Guild services, support and sponsorships of hospital and community events. She shares how the Guild is a keeper of the culture at Mary Free Bed – helping to ensure positive experiences and better futures for patients.

Episode 8 – Physiatrist’s Perspective on Care Transitions
Our special guest is Dr. Ralph Wang, a Mary Free Bed physician, who discusses his role at the hospital, including involvement with its COVID-19 ReCOVery Program, and offers input on the importance of transitions of care.

Episode 7 – Home Health and Skilled Nursing Facilities
Kiersten Cudney, administrator for Mary Free Bed Sub-Acute Rehabilitation, and Trey Kubizna, regional director and administrator for Mary Free Bed at Home, discuss how home health and skilled nursing facilities can partner with inpatient rehabilitation programs. Home care, sub-acute and skilled nursing facilities play a vital role in the post-acute continuum of care. Kiersten and Trey share how care can be well coordinated and lead to better outcomes for patients.

Episode 6 – Nursing Engagement and Education
Jeannette Pollatz,  director of Interprofessional Education at Mary Free Bed, joins the conversation to discuss nursing engagement and education.  Jeannette shares her perspective on how the needs of nursing education have changed over the last several years and how the recent COVID 19 pandemic has impacted the ability of some organizations to retain nurses. She also leads the Mary Free Bed Education Academy.

Episode 5 – Align Environments & Operations
Joyal Pavey talks with Lorissa MacAllister, president and founder of Enviah Health , a health care design firm. She shares how removing barriers can improve staff success and patient satisfaction. Mary Free Bed CEO Kent Riddle joins the podcast to discuss how Enviah assisted Mary Free Bed to address growth.

Episode 4 – Virtual Care and Telemedicine
Jason Peoples joins the Be Advised podcast to discuss virtual care, telemedicine and how to accelerate the meaningful use of these mediums in acute care and rehabilitation. Click here for our Virtual Services brochure.

Episode 3 – Outcomes Research
Dr. Allan J. Kozlowski joins the Be Advised podcast to discuss how outcomes research aligns with care transitions. Click here for our Care Transitions brochure.

Episode 2Care Transitions and Patient Access
The second episode of Be Advised features Dr. W. Christian VandenBerg,  who joins us to discuss aligning Care Transitions and Patient Access.  Click here for Patient Access Booklet

Episode 1 – Align for Success
 In our first episode, meet the team behind the Advisory Group, including well-known rehabilitation executive and chief strategy officer Jeff Garber. Learn how a “rehabilitationship” marries our expertise with your team’s talents. Click here to read and download the Advisory Services booklet.