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Adam Willis – A Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Story

Editor’s note: As part of our holiday campaign, Mary Free Bed is asking former patients to tell us about their rehabilitation experience. What follows is one of those stories.

My husband, Adam Willis, was a patient at Mary Free Bed from September 30 – November 17, 2013 after a mountain biking accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury.

During his first few days at Mary Free Bed we were celebrating Adam’s ability to move a couple of his fingers. About six weeks later, he walked out of Mary Free Bed. We saw miraculous gains in his recovery throughout his stay! Every day he did significantly better! From the food service staff to the nurses to the therapists, we were blessed to have been a part of rehab at Mary Free Bed. Each staff member was personable and was sensitive to our needs.

While we were excited to get home and return to our life — we have three young boys and Adam is a youth pastor, it was also a little sad to leave such a great facility filled with so many great people.

We are honored to be able to share our Mary Free Bed experience and hope it will encourage others.

Guest blog written by: Becca Willis

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