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4-year-old Ayden experiences joy of riding his very own bike

0716151211Four-year-old Ayden Wilson wanted to ride a bike, just like the rest of the kids in the neighborhood.

Born with a form of dwarfism, Ayden experiences pain in his hips and knees. Though he lives in northern Ohio, he earlier this year visited a doctor in Wisconsin. That physician referred him to Dr. Michael Forness at Mary Free Bed’s Center for Limb Differences.

Ayden’s desire for a bike became apparent in his talking with Dr. Forness, nurse Kelly Woodcock and social worker Kelley Purdue. Ayden’s recurring pain made it difficult for his mom, Malinda Fisher, to find a bike that not only fit him, but that he could propel himself.

During his visit to Mary Free Bed, recreation therapist, Christy VanHaver, presented Ayden and his mom with two affordable bike options, plus a helmet. One of the bikes was a perfect fit!

Testing it out in the hall, Ayden turned to his mom with a big grin and said, “Mom, I love it!” Seeing her son’s joy brought tears of happiness to Malinda’s eyes. She was able to buy the bike that day and take it home with a free helmet.

Now that he’s home, Ayden can join his friends in riding his bike around the neighborhood.

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