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Cancer + Wellness series: Episode 7 – Clean Eating Starts Here

Mick Von Doxatater offers guidance in how to support a more healthy diet after cancer. In the seventh episode of our video series, inspired by the Cancer + Wellness Program, “Surfer Mick” emphasizes the importance of (literally) eating clean.

Washing fruits and vegetables part of healthy diet after cancerIn this brief segment, he provides tips on how to properly clean fruits and vegetables before preparing them for your healthy recipes. He said this step is crucial, even when it comes to organic produce. The extra time in the kitchen pays off in the short and long term, he says.

“These are super foods,” Micks says of veggies like beets and other root vegetables. “Whatever effort you’re investing in (cleaning and proper preparation) is huge to you and to your body.”

Cancer + Wellness is an innovative pilot program fusing gentle exercise with nutritional education. It’s funded through Mary Free Bed and a grant from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

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