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Cancer + Wellness series: Episodes 8 & 9 – Tips for better nutrition after cancer

Maximizing patients’ health and nutrition after cancer is an integral part of the Cancer + Wellness Program at Mary Free Bed. Program instructor Mick Von Doxatater encourages people to consider the steps they take to prepare their food; from washing, to chopping, to the actual method of cooking.

Nutrition After Cancer Mary Free Bed Cancer WellnessIn episodes 8 and 9 of our ongoing video series based on the program, “Surfer Mick” offers easy preparation tips to help you get the most out of your healthy foods, like fresh produce. For example, Mick recommends chopping onions and garlic and allowing them to “rest” for 10 minutes before using them in a recipe.

“There’s a chemistry and alchemy in cooking that’s exciting,” Mick says.

Mick also demonstrates how to steam fresh foods, like asparagus, leafy greens and even apples.

“(It’s) in the realm of culinary medicine,” Mick says of the careful preparation and combination of certain foods.

Learn more by watching the clips here. Or, watch the entire video series.

Cancer + Wellness is an innovative pilot program fusing gentle exercise with nutritional education. It’s funded through Mary Free Bed and a grant from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.


Grace Klimek

This was a wonderful program. I have been battling the side effect of chemotherapy after my breast cancer surgery. The nutritional recipes were wonderful and very easy to prepare and the yoga classes helped relieved some of the pain that comes with fibromyalgia and breast surgery. It’s very hard to find a program the understands your limitations and works with you to still improve your overall health. Thank you for giving me a piece of my life back

Lori Pearl-Kraus

Thank you for sharing how you have found this program to be beneficial to you. We appreciate the feedback. It is our goal to continually improve our program and make it responsive to participants’ needs. We will be developing a Series Two for 2016. Stay tuned!


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