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Has an extended hospital stay, surgery or lengthy illness left you feeling weak? 

Our rehabilitation experts can help you regain strength, mobility and independence after a coma, an injury or some other extended hospital stay. Using the latest rehabilitation technology and techniques, our doctors, nurses and therapists will help you get back on the path to independent living and enjoying your life. 

We’ll help you treat the physical, mental, emotional and social aspects of your condition. And we’ll work with your family members so they can help you, too. 

Our hospital has features to make your inpatient stay with us both comfortable and productive: 

  • A spacious, private room for a quiet place to spend time with your family and ensure your privacy whenever you need it. 
  • A large therapy gym, located near your room, where you and your therapy team will work to improve your strength, flexibility, balance and fine motor skills. 
  • Ceiling-mounted ambulation systems that will ease your fear of falling while in a weakened state, allowing you and your therapists to focus on your recovery and success. 
  • Lots of social spaces for you and your family to enjoy, many with terrific views of downtown Grand Rapids.  


Once you leave inpatient care, you’ll have the option of receiving additional care as an outpatient. Our follow-up services are available if you need us, and include driver rehabilitation, a home and community program, vocational rehabilitation and much more. 


Why Mary Free Bed? 

Every day, our doctors, nurses and therapists work with people who are in a weakened state due to illness or injury. 

  • We are one of the largest physical rehabilitation hospitals in the nation, with more than 125 years of restoring hope and freedom through rehabilitation. 
  • Many of our registered nurses have additional certification in rehabilitation nursing. 
  • Our holistic approach means we’ll address your emotional and psychological needs, as well as practical considerations and community reintegration. We also provide support and education for family and friends affected by your injury or condition so they can participate meaningfully in your recovery. 


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