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Debbie credits Weight Management Program with new confidence, well-being

When Debbie Erickson’s physician told her she was pre-diabetic, she knew it was time to do something and joined the Mary Free Bed Weight Management Program. Not only did she lose weight, Debbie no longer was pre-diabetic. She gained self-confidence and belief in her ability to maintain her weight loss. Debbie shares her experience here:

Why did you join the Weight Management program?
I wasn’t feeling good. I was out of breath going up stairs and had little motivation at times. I knew I needed to change my ways and needed help to do that. I also wanted to feel confident and secure in my own skin again.

What were some of the most helpful things you learned?
I learned that everybody is different and not everyone is going to be the same size and weight. I also learned how and what to eat, why certain foods are important in your diet and the vitamins and nutrients that support your body and health. I now feel in tune with my body and know when I am satisfied and content. I also learned that a lot of the thoughts and feelings that I deal with are normal. I liked the fact that you meet with the same group of people each week. We related well, and we were there for each other through and beyond the first phase.

How has the program helped you?
I learned how to eat better. I also learned quickly that it was OK to have what you want in moderation and that I did not have to have the all-or-nothing diet mentality. It also has given me confidence that I can do this and continue to do this for the rest of my life, because this program has given me excellent tools to continue to use.

What new habits have you formed?
I am now making conscience decisions on my food choices. Exercising at least two or three times a week in a way that I enjoy. My staples for groceries have changed; I now shop on the perimeter of the store, because healthier options are typically located there. I have learned about being mindful of what I am eating and listening to my body on when I feel hungry and full.

How has your health been impacted?
I am no longer considered pre-diabetic. I have more energy and do not feel short of breath going up steps.

Would you recommend this program?
I have recommended this program to everyone, because it works! There is no shortage of support; you are under the care of a physician who truly listens and understands what you are going through, a registered dietitian who not only teaches the class every week but also keeps in contact with you daily to talk to and answer your questions, an exercise physiologist (which I didn’t know anything about until I started this program) who is constantly in contact with you and gives ideas for exercises that fit you and your lifestyle, and a psychotherapist who is very informative when it comes to mental health. To have that many professionals as a support group to make sure you are being taken care of, encouraged daily and to make sure you succeed in this journey (and after!) is amazing. You can feel the support and care that they have for you as an individual every time you see or speak to them. That is why I have been successful. Without them, I do not think I would have been able to do it or even continue to do it. To me, you need support to know you are not alone.

I also found great support from the people in my class. Going through this journey together and being able to be open and honest with people who know what you are going through is a huge component. I always felt I was a failure for not being a certain size. Through this program, I learned I’m not a failure, I just needed to learn what foods, movement and mindset were right for me.

I am so grateful to my friend who recommended this program to me. Now I can be me!

The next class is 5:30-6:30 p.m. Tuesdays beginning June 25. For more information, email MFBWeightManagement@maryfreebed.com.

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