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‘The tables turned’: Doctor reflects on patient experience

marilee_meadGuest blog by Dr. Marliee Mead, who has been the Medical Director of the Mary Free Bed East Beltline Hand Clinic

As a hand and plastic surgeon, I have had a long professional relationship with Mary Free Bed therapists and physicians. I even participated in the creation of their 2013 Art Prize entry! Recently, the tables turned and I became the patient.

I had a fun stay at MFB after a series of major surgeries. I always had fresh ice bags and ice water. The food was good and there was a wide variety of menu selections, so even the queasy day-after-surgery, I found items I could enjoy.

They work as a team. Everyone was kind, supportive and encouraged me to push myself and do my best. MFB photographer Tony Norkus kindly agreed to send me a photo of me doing my final victory lap with my daughters! Even though I’m happy to be home, they gave me a great start!

Contact the East Beltline Hand Clinic (1787 Grand Ridge Ct. NE Suite 204, Grand Rapids) at 616.447.8725.

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