Eric hits goals with Mary Free Bed’s Weight Management Program

Eric Lake, a pain psychologist with Mary Free Bed’s Pain Center, has learned to “listen to his body” and focus on his wellness goals with help from Mary Free Bed’s Weight Management Program.

To support the weight-loss success he achieved in the program’s Foundation phase, Eric committed to the next phase of the program — a year-round, weekly support structure called Stride. Through hard work and guidance with the medically supervised program, Eric was able to lose 66.2 pounds in 26 weeks – 20 percent of his starting body weight. His body mass index dropped by 9.5 points, and he lost more than 16 inches from his waist and hips.

In this interview, Eric explains how the program helped him to make important changes in his lifestyle.

Mary Free Bed: Why did you join the Weight Management program?

There were a number of reasons. The primary factor was realizing my weight was influencing some of the things that were important to me. I have two young sons, and I didn’t want my weight to have an impact on my interactions with them. I also generally wanted to be healthier, more active and to not have my weight be a barrier to the things I value now or will in the future.

Q: What helpful things did you learn by participating in the program?

I’m much more aware of what I’m eating and am able to make better and more informed dietary choices. I also have a better understanding of what my body needs. The education on increasing physical exercises also was important.

Q: What aspects of the program were most important in helping you reach your goals?

I think the biggest factor was the accountability and support I received. I liked the multidisciplinary approach, which assessed and addressed all areas of my life that were part of weight loss. I also felt supported by the staff who consistently went out of their way to reach out or to be flexible to help me stay on track.

Q: What new habits have you formed?

I am much more able to “listen to my body” and meet my dietary needs without overeating or feeling hungry all of the time. I reduced unhealthy foods and increased nutritious foods. I work out regularly. I also reduced eating for reasons other than hunger, such as boredom or stress.

Q: Have you made any significant health changes?

All of my biometric screening measures decreased, I am stronger and feel better.

Q: Would you recommend this program and why?

Yes. I have had significant success in the program and always felt supported by the staff. I believe they provide a lifestyle management approach that addresses the complex issues involved in weight loss and are able to provide a tailored approach to each person. I have had a great experience!

Mary Free Bed’s Weight Management Program encompasses much more than a number on a scale. Participants develop self-confidence and healthier relationships with food, improve mental health and well-being, and decrease medications. Sign up today using this form or call 616.840.8908.

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