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Mary Free Bed DeVel Pediatric Symposium

November 20, 2015 @ 7:00 AM – 4:45 PM
Crossroads Conference Center
6569 Clay Ave SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49548

Register online or download and complete this form and fax/mail to the number/address included on the form.

For more than 50 years, Dr. Leon DeVel and Marion Olds DeVel lived, worked and raised their 4 children in Grand Rapids and East Grand Rapids. Dr. DeVel was a pediatrician devoted to the healthy development of children, including the chronically ill and disabled. Mrs. DeVel was a community activist who focused on education. Their combined expertise and interests are reflected
in the Memorial Fund for Pediatric Staff Education at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital. The purpose of the fund: Provide continuing professional education that will equip the pediatric staff to reach even higher levels of excellence in the care and rehabilitation of children treated at Mary Free Bed. Mary Free Bed is grateful to the DeVel Family for supporting this continuing education series

Objectives – Participants attending will be able to:
• Develop strategies for creating and maintaining healthy and constructive workplace relationships
• Understand the element of positive and effective communication
• Differentiate assertive from aggressive communication
• Recognize triggers and cues that lead to dysfunctional interactions
• Describe different types of toxic and nonphysical violent behaviors.
• Identify family dynamics that give rise to legal custody and guardianship issues in the pediatric patient
• Explain issues that may be involved in complying with the law when providing medical care and discharge planning for minors under Court Order
• Identify the legal rights and responsibilities of medical care providers in cases involving child protective services and foster care
• Name and describe the Stages of Change theory.
• Identify the main components and describe the Five Basic Tenets of Motivational Interviewing.
• Describe appropriate interventions for patient based on stage of change and presentation – connect diagnosis to practice.
• Conceptualize the Two Treatment Phases of Motivational Interviewing which describe client movement through treatment towards resolution
• Name three developmental factors that influence a youth’s coping with medical stress, and how child’s coping style can be expressed behaviorally
• Explain how family and health care system variables can influence a child’s coping and adaption of medical stress
• List three strategies for healthcare teams to promote child coping and enhance adaption to illness or injury
• Discuss the basics of behavioral functional assessment of child challenging behavior in a medical setting and how this assessment can inform behavioral interventions

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