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Advances in foot drop rehabilitation benefit wide range of patients

Foot drop rehabilitation at Mary Free BedThere have been tremendous strides in foot drop rehabilitation in the last few decades, and Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital therapists have stayed in step with all the latest developments.

“Foot drop” is the term commonly used to describe a difficulty in lifting the front part of the foot while walking.

Foot drop can mean an individual drags the front part of the foot or has other abnormalities in the walking pattern. A number of underlying conditions may result in foot drop, including nerve injuries or disorders, brain or spinal disorders and stroke.

Mary Free Bed therapists Jennifer S. McWain and Kirk Randall recently authored an article on the condition, “Foot Drop Rehabilitation: We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby,” for the specialty publication “Physical Therapy Products.”

Click to read the article and learn more about current best practices and exciting new treatment options for this condition. Seeking rehabilitation for foot drop or other gait issues? Call 1.855.ASK.MARY.

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