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Cancer + Wellness series: Episode 6 – Tips for Healthy Eating

In the sixth episode of our video series, inspired by the Cancer + Wellness Program, Wendy Borden offers tips on healthy eating after cancer and treatment. She encourages people to take a simple approach and emphasize “whole, fresh, local, seasonal” ingredients as much as possible.

“(Eat) clean, organic foods that are really going to nourish your body,” Wendy says, while emphasizing the importance of incorporating a wide variety of colors into your diet.

Healthy Eating After CancerWendy suggests anyone interested in “cleaning” up his or her diet visit the Environmental Working Group‘s website where you can find guidelines to help you to shop savvy for produce and avoid fruits and vegetables that are most likely to have trace pesticides.

Watch the brief video above for additional healthy eating tips and stay tuned for more in this ongoing series.

Cancer + Wellness is an innovative pilot program fusing gentle exercise with nutritional education. It’s funded through Mary Free Bed and a grant from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

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