Heather uses discipline, hard work to manage fibromyalgia pain

Heather Galli is passionate about martial arts and the values it teaches. A third-degree black belt, Heather says honor, respect, discipline and hard work are principles she and her husband also instill in their children.

Unfortunately, the 48-year-old’s years of training and teaching also took a toll on her body. She was diagnosed in 2018 with fibromyalgia, a condition that causes widespread musculoskeletal pain. It began to take over her life and limit what she could do.

Heather not only enjoys practicing the art, teaching it is her livelihood. She and her husband, Michael, own PKSA Martial Arts Studio in Holland, where they instruct students of all ages and ability levels. She doesn’t have time for pain.

Heather tried several treatment options, but nothing helped. Then she learned about Mary Free Bed’s Pain Rehabilitation program and enrolled in March at the Holland location.

Watch this video to hear how the Mary Free Bed team helped Heather manage her chronic pain and empower her to return to teaching.

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