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Mary Free Bed serves patients who have neuromuscular conditions and require mechanical ventilation to breathe. A board-certified pulmonologist and a board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation physician lead an interdisciplinary team trained to care for patients like you with acute respiratory conditions caused by serious injury or illness. Our team is intent on helping you achieve your highest level of community independence through rehabilitation.

Who we serve
We provide comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation for patients 18 and older who require mechanical ventilation, have two dedicated caregivers identified for home support and one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Acute cervical or upper thoracic spinal cord dysfunction with primary neuromuscular failure
  • Neurological disease or injury with compromised pulmonary function
  • Existing spinal cord or neuromuscular failure injury and already on invasive ventilation with home support in place
  • Multiple trauma with extended ventilation needs

Your team
Mary Free Bed has a specially trained team that includes:

  • Board-certified pulmonologist
  • Board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation physician
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Rehabilitation nurses with advanced training in cardiac and pulmonary care
  • Physical, occupational and recreational therapists
  • Speech-language pathologists
  • Psychologists
  • Registered dietitians
  • Care managers

You and your family members are an integral part of our team. We work together throughout the rehabilitation journey.

Our services
Care plans are customized to meet your individual goals, needs and preferences in a specialized rehabilitation environment. We’ll help you regain physical and emotional strength, communication skills and endurance with hope, compassion and encouragement.

We use evidence-based treatment techniques, protocols and the most advanced medical and assistive technology to improve function and independence, including:

  • Daily assessment and consultation by a board-certified pulmonologist and a board-certified rehabilitation physician
  • 15 hours of therapy per week tailored to your medical and physical abilities
  • 24-7 respiratory therapy
  • Low nurse-to-patient ratio
  • Mechanical ventilation (invasive and non-invasive)
  • Education, support and resources for patients and family members
  • Sleep disorder screening, home sleep testing and treatment
  • Tracheostomy weaning
  • Home and community discharge coordination


  • Private rooms (dialysis-capable)
  • Dedicated therapy gym with wall oxygen
  • Bedside-monitoring with clinical alarm notification
  • Transcutaneous and End Tidal Co2 Monitoring
  • High-flow oxygen therapy
  • Cough Assist™
  • MetaNeb™
  • Vest® Airway Clearance System
  • Smoking cessation counseling

Ask for a referral or call us directly: 616.840.8790