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MFB Alumni Joyce Manning and friends find themselves on Good Morning America in New York City


Guest Blog by Joyce Manning, Mary Free Bed alumni

I broke my wrist on March 28, 2014. It was a bad break and required extensive surgery. I am now the proud owner of a plate and 10 screws and may set off the metal detector at airports.
Before this happened, a group of friends and I planned a trip to New York City to celebrate our 70th birthdays. We have known each other for more than 50 years and thought it would be a fun trip. I was not sure if I would be able to go so I checked with my doctor. He said I might have to wear a brace but he did not see any reason to cancel the trip.

Therapy for my wrist started on April 28th at the Mary Free Bed Hand Clinic on the East Beltline. My goal was to be independent enough to travel to New York City with my friends. The therapy became my part-time job. Through the support and encouragement of therapists, I gradually regained functionality in my fingers and my independence grew. A week before our scheduled trip, my doctor said I was clinically healed and no longer would have to wear a brace.

I told my therapist I would be taking a week off because my friends and I were taking a trip to New York City to celebrate the fact that we were turning 70 this year. We were going to try to get on the Today Show or Good Morning America and our plan was to wear matching shirts. The therapist suggested we wear bright green Mary Free Bed t-shirts.

So, we did wear the Mary Free Bed shirts to the Good Morning America show and were interviewed on TV. We really stood out with the bright green shirts. It was a fun and memorable experience. Other highlights of the trip were two Broadway shows, the 9/11 Museum, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Tiffany’s. We had a wonderful time in the Big Apple and I was so glad I was able to make the trip.

I finished my therapy in July. I left the clinic with exercises that I can do at home to continue the healing process. The staff at the East Beltline Clinic is the best and I thank them for their suggestions, encouragement, support and laughter during my therapy sessions.

They treat their patients like family.
Joyce Manning

Joyce Manning GMA


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