Kim finds accountability, education and support with Weight Management Program: ‘I’m in the best place’

Twelve years ago, Kim Murphy decided to work toward a healthier lifestyle. Her journey has included challenges and successes, including a 100-plus pound weight loss. Adding Mary Free Bed’s Weight Management Program to her support circle has helped Kim feel better than ever.

Since she joined the program six months ago, Kim has lost an additional 35 pounds and made more positive lifestyle changes. She shares her experience below:

Why did you join the Weight Management program?
My “getting healthier” journey during the past 12 years has included setbacks – six surgeries and an 80-pound weight gain. But now I’m at the best place I’ve been in for a long time, so I decided to continue my journey. I read about lots of programs, but after I read about Mary Free Bed’s Weight Management Program and was referred by my surgeon, I knew this was for me. At 53, I now know that to get through this I need to be in a program with great support, and this program offers just that. I need to continue educating myself as I go, and I need the mental/emotional support to get it done. I am right where I need to be.

What are some of the most helpful things you learned?
I learned that other people struggle with emotional eating, too. This program has helped me be more honest with myself about my behaviors. I sneak food, and I eat at night a lot. I’ve learned a lot of people struggle with evening or late-night eating, too. It does give me peace of mind to be able to share stories with each other, and we laugh, cry and support each other through it all.

How has the program helped you?
The program has helped me be more accountable and more honest with myself and others. This program is helping me look at my whole self, and I am working on my whole life. I walked away from a very stressful job, I am eating better, taking care of myself and my family, and I’m in the best place I’ve been in for a long time.

What new habits have you formed?
I try to stick to a routine of prepping for the week and being aware of habits that are bad for me that I didn’t realize I was doing. For instance, snacking on what I’m making is a bad habit that’s caused me to take in a lot of extra calories.

Have you gotten off of any medication or made any significant health changes?
I have lost enough weight now that my knee pain is very mild on occasion. I am walking bone on bone and need surgery, but thanks to my surgeon’s recommendations, I joined this program to put off surgery for a while. I stopped taking anti-inflammatory drugs, am weaning off depression meds and have tons of energy.

Would you recommend this program and why?
I would highly recommend this program. It addresses the whole person for as long as you need the support. The check-ins are so helpful, and the staff is great. LOVE IT.

New classes begin soon. For more information or to sign up, complete the form here or call 616.840.8908.

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