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Lila’s recovery from internal decapitation called miraculous

An August car crash near her Cedar Springs home left Lila DeLine with a life-threatening spinal cord injury. Essentially, she was internally decapitated when the force of the impact separated her skull from her spine, an injury that most often proves fatal. But Lila defied the odds.

She was an inpatient at Spectrum Health for eight days, where she underwent a series of surgeries before she was transferred to Mary Free Bed. In late October, after nearly two months of specialized and vigorous rehabilitation, Lila walked out the door with her husband and children by her side.

Since then, she’s continued her rehabilitation journey with outpatient therapy at Mary Free Bed.

In these videos, Lila and her team of experts at Mary Free Bed and Spectrum Health share her amazing story of recovery, one that’s drawn media attention locally and across the globe.

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