Posted on December 18, 2020

Mary Free Bed re-opens ReCOVery℠ Unit for COVID-19 patients

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – The ReCOVery℠ Unit at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital is operational once again. The dedicated unit is for patients who need intensive inpatient rehabilitation and have recently tested positive for COVID-19. The 12-bed ReCOVery℠ Unit is in a physically isolated area of Mary Free Bed’s main campus hospital. All Centers for Disease Control and Prevention precautions and more are implemented to keep patients and staff safe.

Whether COVID-19 is a primary or secondary diagnosis, these patients are focused on one thing: safely returning home to their loved ones. The coronavirus can do significant damage to the body, and patients who spend extended time on ventilators or lying in bed are extremely weak. Vigorous rehabilitation helps them regain needed strength and confidence.

“We’re treating more patients now than we saw in the spring,” said Dr. Ralph Wang, lead rehabilitation physician for the ReCOVery℠ Unit. “But between our targeted therapy and a better understanding of the disease, we’re excited about the excellent rehabilitation results we’re seeing.”

The ReCOVery℠ Program also has an outpatient component. People who meet the criteria for in-person services can visit any of our four dozen locations across the state. For those battling the disease at home, services are delivered securely through our Virtual Services Program.

Whether it’s in the hospital or at home, the ReCOVery℠ Program provides tools to improve and speed recovery. Treatment is delivered by teams of specially trained rehabilitation physicians, physical and occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists and respiratory therapists. We also have pain specialists, psychologists and nutritionists available as needed.