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Faith & friendship guide Mildred’s rehabilitation at Mary Free Bed at Sparrow

An unexpected fall led to the discovery of Mildred Mendenhall’s rare spinal tumor. The condition affected the use of her legs and necessitated months of intense rehabilitation at Mary Free Bed at Sparrow in Lansing.

“They taught me how to sit up and maintain my balance,” Mildred says of her 5-month stay. “It was hard work, but I made it through it because I had great therapists.”

Mildred credits her therapy team and her faith in helping her to navigate a long road to recovery.

“I wouldn’t be here right now, being able to do what I do for myself if they hadn’t trained me,” Mildred says. “(My team) had weekly meetings where everybody came together and talked about what I needed and what they were going to do for me.”

That collaborative, compassionate approach was just what Mildred needed to stick with her rehabilitation goals – even during challenging times.

“It made me feel special,” Mildred says. “It made me feel like somebody cared, even during the times when I didn’t care anymore. If you’re going to be here, you’re going to do through a depression stage, but you have to fight your way through that…There’s all these people that God brings into your path. They’re all there for a reason.”

Watch the video above to learn more about Mildred’s story and Mary Free Bed at Sparrow.

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