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The mission of the Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital and Grand Valley State University Neurologic Residency is to provide advanced clinical training in an integrated environment of professional mentorship, clinical excellence, research and education. Graduates will develop advanced knowledge, skills and clinical expertise in neurology physical therapy, preparing them for advanced specialty practice and to become leaders in their profession. Graduates will work collaboratively with the interdisciplinary team to assist in restoring hope and freedom to individuals with diverse neurologic conditions. Graduates will also contribute to and effectively implement evidence-based clinical practice, and will share their knowledge and expertise with students, fellow clinicians and the patients/families they serve, while exhibiting high ethical standards and professionalism.

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Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital and Grand Valley State University Neurologic Residency is accredited by the American Physical Therapy Association as a post-professional residency program for physical therapists in Neurologic Clinical Practice.

Please explore the tabs at the top of the page for program details and if you have further questions contact:

Contact Kevin Duffy in Human Resources at 616.840.8318 or 800.528.8989.
Or for program-specific questions contact Christina Platko, PT, DPT, NCS at christina.platko@maryfreebed.com.

Mary Free Bed neurologic physical therapy residents were recognized at the 2018 Mary Free Bed medical meeting: (from left) Dr. Michael Jakubowski, chief medical officer; Cathy Harro, assistant program director; Christina Platko, program director; Rebecca Kuster, 2018-2019 resident; David Lulenski, former patient and donor; Amanda Kelch, 2017-2018 resident; Dr. Gary Lulenski, donor; Kent Riddle, CEO; and Laura Puff, Mary Free Bed Guild president.