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Mary Free Bed develops breathing therapy techniques for COVID-19 recovery

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Mary Free Bed clinicians have expanded their ReCOVery℠ Program for patients with COVID-19 who need inpatient rehabilitation and for those who can fight symptoms at home with the help of outpatient services. The comprehensive program includes new respiratory techniques and protocols that help those battling this beast of a virus.

Developed by a designated team of physicians and therapists, in collaboration with pulmonary physicians and researchers, the new pulmonary therapy is effective during and after a hospitalization as well as with patients recuperating at home.

“Public need drives the development of our programs, and people all over the country need help recovering,” said Dr. Michael Jakubowski, Mary Free Bed’s chief medical officer. “Our intradisciplinary rehabilitative approach with ReCOVery℠ has proven highly effective as we treat patients in person and with virtual services.”

Our first response for rehabilitating patients with COVID-19 came in April when we opened a dedicated inpatient unit at our hospital in Grand Rapids. The ReCOVery℠ Unit serves patients with side effects caused by their illness and prolonged hospitalization.

Patients recovering from COVID-19 at home and dealing with significant symptoms – particularly shortness of breath – can access outpatient services as clinically appropriate. Mary Free Bed offers the ReCOVery℠ Program in-person at nearly 50 locations across Michigan and anywhere through the Virtual Services program. Services are available for both adults and children.

Rehabilitation in the ReCOVery Program is provided by a specialty-trained team, including rehabilitation physicians, physical and occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists and respiratory therapists. Patients also have access to pain specialists, psychologists and nutritionists.


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