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Rec Therapy Clinics held throughout entire year (Part 2)

Editor’s Note: Christy VanHaver is a Mary Free Bed therapist who agreed to write a guest blog on her role working with sports clinics throughout the year. Part 2 of 2.

June is our adaptive Canoe/Kayak and Rowing Clinic. This clinic, also in partnership with Kentwood Parks and Recreation, is held at the boathouse at Millennium Park. Participants get the opportunity to enjoy the summer sport of kayaking; canoeing and rowing with support to problem solve any issues that may be present due to their disability.

Also in June is our Adaptive Sailing Clinic. This clinic is held at the Grand Rapids Yacht Club on Reeds Lake. The equipment and staff for this event come from the Traverse City Area Sailing Club. The sailboats are configured in a way that sailors can learn how to sail, participating in all parts of the process, from where they sit on the boat. Staff are there to provide expertise in safe boat transfers and sailing instruction.

Water Ski Clinic

Adaptive Waterski Clinics are held in July and August at John Collins Park on Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids. Kentwood Parks and Recreation bring their boat, jet skis and trained staff to give participants the chance to waterski as they are most able. Some participants stand ski with the support they need and some use an adapted waterski and sit ski. We hold this clinic for two Fridays with participants signed up for a morning or afternoon session. This is a very popular clinic and often fills quickly. For our skiers that are interested in continuing the learning process of adapted waterskiing. Kentwood Parks and Recreation offers Adaptive Waterski lessons on Thursday nights throughout the summer. If you are interested in signing up contact Val Romeo at 616-656-5275.

In October we have our Adaptive Scuba Diving Clinic. This clinic is a collaborative event between Mary Free Bed, Altec Sports and Scuba, West Michigan Adaptive Diving and Royal Securities. East Grand Rapids High School Pool hosts the event. Participants get the opportunity to learn how to scuba dive for the first time, or for some who are already scuba certified, for the first time since their injury. West Michigan Adaptive Diving offers scuba lessons for those participants that are interested in becoming certified.

Three new Adaptive Clinics that are in the planning process are an Adaptive Archery Clinic , Adaptive Yoga Clinic and an Adaptive Self-Defense/Martial Arts Clinic. Stay tuned for details!!

Stay in touch with our Wheelchair and Adaptive Sports Department by liking us on Facebook (facebook.com/maryfreebedsports), looking on the web at maryfreebed.com/sports or emailing us at sports@maryfreebed.com.

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