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At Mary Free Bed, technology provides limitless opportunities.

During assistive technology sessions, an occupational therapist and rehab engineer address your technology and environmental access issues.

Software modifications and hardware additions to your computer system can help to eliminate challenges like difficulty typing, spelling, reading, seeing items on the computer screen or moving a mouse.

We also have solutions for challenges that can arise in your everyday environment with tasks like turning on or off light switches, temperature control or difficulty using a remote control.

Assistive technology helps decrease caregiver demands and boost quality of life. We work with patients of all ages, from school children, to people having difficulty at work, to the elderly – and all ages and places of life in between.

Below are a few examples of available assistive technology at Mary Free Bed.

Computer Access

Our tech experts can adapt, customize and set up your equipment to ensure easy access to computer resources and other technological devices. These tools can mean a significant boost in your ability to function and complete certain tasks. The process begins with a computer evaluation to identify the solutions and modifications that will work best to enhance lost or limited physical skills.

Electronic Aids to Daily Living (EADL)

Devices called Electronic Aids to Daily Living (EADL) are designed to enhance your independence at home, school and work. These include emergency call devices, door opening systems, switch-operated telephones, remote-control lights or fans and remote-control audio systems. They can be operated by infrared signals, radio frequency, WiFi or voice control.

The process begins with our team evaluating and documenting your needs. Our services include equipment trials, insurance prior authorization and assistance with funding sources, coordination of equipment purchase and setup, training and customization.