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Lymphedema is swelling in a body part that can make the limb feel heavy and uncomfortable. It may also put you at increased risk for infection. There’s no cure for this condition, but our outpatient therapies may help you to manage your symptoms and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

The Lymphedema Program at the Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital Outpatient Therapy Center specializes in treating patients with swelling from lymphedema and other edemas caused by:

• Congenital abnormality (swelling that is caused by a condition you are born with)
• Effects of surgery, radiation or injury
• Edema from venous disease
• Dependent edema resulting from a neurologic or traumatic injury

We’ll teach you proper skin care and diet, massage techniques, exercises and compression techniques. We work with you on an individual basis to increase your knowledge, safety and independence.

Your treatment begins with an evaluation to determine the most appropriate plan for your care. We use a treatment technique called complete decongestive physiotherapy, which uses specialized massage, application of compression, and exercise that facilitates improved lymphatic flow within your body. This typically results in better function and movement of your affected limb and reduces the risk of skin problems.

Family involvement and education are important parts of our lymphedema and edema therapy program. You and your family will learn the skills and techniques necessary to treat and manage your condition at home. We also provide you with instruction in proper diet, skin care and exercise. This knowledge can empower you to prevent infection and avoid injury and hospitalization.

To be seen in our outpatient program, you must have your physician evaluate your condition and write a prescription.