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Neuropsychology involves the assessment of cognition and behavior in people with known, suspected or disputed abnormalities in brain function. A referral from your primary care physician, pediatrician, neurologist or other medical professional is typically required if you want to utilize Mary Free Bed’s outpatient neuropsychology services.

Through interviews, observation and a series of tests that evaluate attention levels, memory, mood and other mental functions, the neuropsychologists at Mary Free Bed will work to determine the presence and nature of abnormal brain function and will assist with treatment planning.

Mary Free Bed employs several neuropsychologists. Doctors Jacobus Donders and Carrie-Ann Strong are both board-certified in clinical neuropsychology through the American Board of Professional Psychology.

Mary Free Bed offers brief neuropsychological screenings and comprehensive neuropsychological assessments. We also provide follow-up treatment, including behavioral management consultations and psychotherapy.


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