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Mary Free Bed Sports Rehabilitation Program - On the left, a man wearing a bright green polo shirt gives instruction to a woman on the right who is wearing a blue and yellow cycling shirt and is working out on an exercise bike in a gym.

Sports are a great way to stay healthy while doing something you love. Sometimes, sports and other physical activities can lead to injuries. From concussions to sprains, the experts at Mary Free Bed are able to provide the sports rehabilitation and support you need to get back in the game.

Our comprehensive program also offers options to help you prevent sports injury and to maximize your performance, from golf and running assessments to mental toughness training for athletes of all playing levels.

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Sports Rehabilitation

From hamstring tears to ankle sprains, sport-related injuries can be par for the course for amateur and serious athletes alike. Mary Free Bed’s Sports Rehabilitation Program has the staff and equipment to help you rebuild your strength after you’re sidelined with injury.

Our Sports Rehabilitation team includes competitive athletes who understand what it takes to compete in athletics and the training that’s involved. We understand your goals and struggles, and we know how to get you back into shape. We can accelerate your rehabilitation with our combination of expertise and equipment that provide you with heavy resistance training and pool therapy.

Sports Concussion

Sports concussions are common – but serious – injuries for athletes. If you have a concussion and your symptoms last longer than one week, the Mary Free Bed Sports Concussion Program in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is here to help you recover.

Our program experts offer specialized evaluations to educate your family, coach and athletic trainer, and give them more information about the effects of your concussion. The evaluation also helps you with symptom management, injury recovery and includes specific recommendations on how to safely return to your sports activities.

Sport Psychology

Dr. Eddie O’Connor is our clinical and sport psychologist who specializes in removing the barriers that get in the way of performance excellence. If you are in a slump, Dr. Eddie can help.

Do you:

  • under-perform in competition because of anxiety or fear of making a mistake?
  • play better in practice compared to competition?
  • need to improve athletic pain tolerance or endurance?
  • crumble under pressure or in big competitions?
  • need assistance coming back from injury?
  • get angry or lose control and focus after mistakes?
  • want to regain a “lost” skill?
  • demand perfection?

Maybe you are doing well, but want to make the jump to that next level. As a Certified Mental Performance Consultant, Dr. Eddie can train you to be better and more consistent than your opponent in remaining determined, focused, confident and in control under pressure.

Dr. Eddie is available for team workshops, school or corporate presentations, and individual consulting.

Running Performance

Physical limitations can affect your running performance and cause pain. A running assessment, as facilitated by our board-certified sports physical therapist, can help you to identify and correct causes of running pain. Whether you run simply for fun and fitness or you compete at an elite level, a running assessment through Mary Free Bed Sports Rehabilitation puts you on the track to achieving your personal best. Assessments also are beneficial for those who walk for fitness.

Wheelchair & Adaptive Sports

Our Wheelchair & Adaptive Sports Program is one of the largest of its kind in the United States, offering an array of teams, clinics, classes and events that provide a sense of camaraderie and the exhilaration of competition for people with physical disabilities.

You’ll find competitive and recreational teams for tennis, basketball, rugby and softball, among others. We also offer yoga, archery, water skiing, golf, rock climbing, sailing, kayaking, downhill skiing, fencing and scuba diving. Virtually any sport can be adapted.

We can help you find the rush you’re looking for.


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Mary Free Bed Sports Rehabilitation Program - A team of wheelchair basketball players gather in a huddle on the court. They are wearing red jerseys with white lettering, and the athletes are a mix of men and women