Enrich your life with the sense of camaraderie, competition and accomplishment that comes with athletic activity. Mary Free Bed’s Wheelchair & Adaptive Sports program offers you a variety of co-ed, competitive teams and clinics designed for patients and community members with limited mobility and other physical impairments.

Participating in sports and other recreation programs isn’t just good for your physical healing. There are social and psychological advantages to incorporating athletic and leisure activities into your life, as well. Feel the exhilaration that comes at the height of physical competition, or experience the solitude and stillness that comes from challenging your body and mind. Mary Free Bed’s wheelchair and adaptive sports programs and recreation events help you find the rush you’re looking for.

Stay Connected With WAS News and Events

Click here for the Fall RecConnect to read more about individual programs, classes and clinics, including schedules and prices.

You may also find a schedule of events via the Mary Free Bed event calendar or visit our Facebook page.

New Sports and Recreation Opportunities

Get out and shred the trails in our new off-road handcycling series! The Fat Explorer III allows users to tackle single-track terrain and go places that previously were inaccessible. Click here to learn more about the series.

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Volunteering for Wheelchair & Adaptive Sports

Do you love sports? Are you a student looking for volunteer opportunities? Want to be a part of something that enriches others’ lives? We’re always looking for great volunteers, like you!

Many wheelchair and adaptive sports clinics and teams need volunteers to help with a variety of activities, from coaching and teaching, to greeting, registration, event planning, event set-up and tear-down, player and equipment assistance, food service and material creation. Contact the Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Wheelchair & Adaptive Sports program to learn more.

Help Change Lives!

Mary Free Bed’s wheelchair and adaptive sports programs are available to the community thanks to the generosity of our donors.

Thank you to our sponsors:

Wheelchair and Adaptive Sports Sponsor Logos

To learn more, please contact Laura Dulay at

Mary Free Bed YMCA

The Mary Free Bed YMCA, 5500 Burton St. SE, serves as a home base for many of the Mary Free Bed Wheelchair & Adaptive Sports teams and clinics.

This facility is the first building in the world to receive Global Universal Design Certification from the Global Universal Design Commission. It serves as a global model for inclusion and accessibility for people of all abilities. To commemorate its 125th anniversary, the Mary Free Bed Guild invested in this project and what it offers to our community.