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The Vestibular and Balance Program at the Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital Outpatient Therapy Center helps to restore balance to your life.

We treat patients from Grand Rapids, West Michigan and beyond who have vestibular or balance disorders, such as benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, unilateral or bilateral peripheral vestibular hypo- or hyper-function and central vestibular disorders following stroke or brain injury and others.

Your individualized vestibular rehabilitation and treatment plan is developed with the goal of improving not only your balance and safety, but also your functional independence.

Treatment begins with a comprehensive evaluation with a physical therapist. Learn more about our audiology and vestibular evaluations. This specialist may conduct tests and use other assessment tools to determine the most appropriate care. You may participate in tests to measure everything from your coordination and strength, to your joint range, positional sensitivity, ability to maintain balance on varied surfaces and much more. A functional assessment also allows us to determine your level of independence and safety at home, work and in the community.

Therapy includes a customized exercise program that may focus on aerobic activities, balance, visual vestibular exercises and habituation. The combination of activities depends on what’s most appropriate for you. As your condition improves, your exercise program progressively becomes more challenging.

Education and family participation are both important elements to your therapy. We ensure you and your caregivers and family understand any potential safety concerns and other factors that impact your rehabilitation and well-being.