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Is losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight a struggle for you or a family member? You’re not alone. More than 70 percent of adults in the United States are overweight, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It’s a challenge that can significantly impact your health.

Mary Free Bed’s Weight Management Program encompasses much more than a number on a scale. Participants develop self-confidence and healthier relationships with food, improve mental health and well-being, and decrease medications.

We’ll partner with you to develop and maintain a healthy new lifestyle. Our focus is on behavioral changes, including eating habits and fitness. We’re here to support your journey to weight loss with proven tools and techniques.

We strive for progress, not perfection. Be proud of every step you take.

How it works

Our program is different from other weight-loss programs or the latest diet craze. It’s medically based, led by a team of clinicians who want you to succeed.

Once a week for 20 weeks, you’ll attend an hour-long educational class with 8-12 people experiencing similar struggles and successes. Participants lose an average of 29.5 pounds or 11.6 percent of their body weight during the first 20-week phase of the program.

Many participants continue with the program’s second phase, called Stride, to help maintain their weight loss or lose additional weight. Stride’s weekly meetings provide tools that reinforce ways to make new habits and behaviors stick, while offering support when old habits resurface.

Your team

A Mary Free Bed physician who specializes in physical medicine oversees the program. Our specialists play an integral part in your success. Together, we’ll establish realistic goals and a plan to achieve them.

Our weight management team includes specialists who understand the challenges and rewards of achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle:

Jeffrey Kramer, MD
Dr. Kramer, who joined Mary Free Bed in 1994, has completed specialized courses through the American Society of Bariatric Physicians to provide our patients with the most comprehensive, up-to-date treatment strategies available. He specializes in musculoskeletal injury, among other disciplines. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Wayne State University’s School of Medicine.

Jessi Holden, MS, RDN, CSOWM
Jessi manages our program and is one of the lead educators in the weekly sessions. Board certified in obesity and weight management, Jessi earned her master’s degree in nutrition from Central Michigan University. She enjoys working with patients to help them find freedom from food rules and restrictions.

Kim Meeuwsen, RDN, CSOWM
Kim is one of the primary educators for the weekly sessions. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from Western Michigan University and completed her dietetic internship through Michigan State University. She also completed a Certificate of Training in Weight Management and is a board-certified specialist in obesity and weight management.

Hannah Wright
Hannah is our exercise physiologist. She completed her undergraduate degree in clinical exercise science from Grand Valley State University, along with the ACSM certification for exercise physiology. Participants meet one-on-one with Hannah to develop an exercise program. She also teaches some of our weekly classes.

Carrie Pappas, MA LLP
Carrie is the psychotherapist for our program. Her interest in weight management is both professional and personal. She holds a graduate certificate in holistic health and works to maintain her own 50-pound weight loss.

Contact us

Call – 616.840.8908
Email – MFBWeightManagement@maryfreebed.com

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