Is losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight a struggle for you or a family member? You’re not alone. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say nearly 70% of adults in the United States are overweight. It’s a common challenge experienced by many folks in our community and one that’s a serious threat to a person’s health and well-being.

AWeight Management Mary Free Bed Losing Weightt the Mary Free Bed Weight Management Program, we’re your partner in finding and sticking with a healthy new lifestyle. We focus on the behavioral changes that promote your mental and physical well-being, including fitness and eating habits. We support your journey to weight loss with proven tools, techniques and even a coach.

Our weight control program differs from one-size-fits-all solutions you might find online or by browsing in the health section at the local bookstore. This is a medically based program led by a team of clinicians all focused on helping you succeed. Once a week, for 20 weeks, you’ll attend an hour-long educational class with 5-12 of your peers who are experiencing similar struggles and successes.

We don’t simply offer you weight loss tips. Your team includes a rehabilitation physician, registered dietitian, exercise physiologist and a psychologist. Together, this team targets the numbers that reflect your health. It’s not just about what the scale says, but also your heart rate and blood pressure. We even look at what the levels of fats and sugars in your blood say about your progress and areas of concern.

As health care providers, we’re seeing an epidemic of patients whose weight has played a significant role in heart attacks, stroke, cancer, joint deterioration and diabetic-related amputations. Mary Free Bed’s focus is to help people become more functional and live healthy lives. The Weight Management Program does just that.

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