Leading-edge technology helps patients & therapists ‘use every tool in the box’ [Video]

RT300 Arm Cycle at Mary Free Bed - Gage and JenniferTechnology is a vital part of the rehabilitation process at Mary Free Bed. Care team members like occupational therapist Jennifer Mazurkiewicz routinely use leading-edge equipment to help patients regain as much function and independence as possible.

The RT300 Arm Cycle, for instance, uses “smart stimulation” to help strengthen and improve muscles affected by injury or illness. Jennifer recently used the equipment in an outpatient therapy session with Gage Beland, a graduate of Mary Free Bed’s pediatric inpatient program.

“He’s getting a level of electrical stimulation that allows the muscles to be re-educated,” Jennifer says of Gage’s time on the cycle. “It provides increased circulation, increased strength, increased awareness of muscles and increased range of motion. It’s definitely a great piece of equipment.”

RT300 Arm Cycle Mary Free Bed SetupAnd while Jennifer says there is a lot of set-up involved in using the cycle — a therapist must ensure the machine’s electrodes are placed with precision on targeted muscles — the pay-off is well worth the effort, particularly when considering how much customization is possible.

But even the best technology can’t do the job alone. It takes the knowledge and expertise of our therapists to customize a treatment plan that will best serve a patient’s goals. This “high-tech meets high-touch” approach results in better outcomes for patients like Gage.

“It’s nice to use every tool in the box to really get a person to the next level,” Jennifer says. “If something’s not working (for a patient) we have something else you can try. Every patient benefits from something different.”

Watch Gage in action and learn more about the RT300 Arm Cycle from the video below.

Arm Cycle Mary Free Bed Gage Screen Arm Cycle Rehabilitation Technology Mary Free Bed

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