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Ryan Podvin continues to thrive at Mary Free Bed as an employee after diving accident

ryan_podvin-2Summer is a time for fun and recreation, but it’s also known as trauma season. Unfortunately, accidents can occur during every day, familiar activities, like swimming, diving and playing sports.

Ryan Podvin, an experienced swimmer, suffered a spinal cord injury after barely nicking his chin in a diving accident in Lake Michigan. Five years later and after much intensive therapy, Ryan is leading an active and busy life – that includes a challenging full-time job at Mary Free Bed!

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“I got unbelievable care as a patient here at MFB,” Ryan says. “Now I am passionate as an employee to spread that care to as many patients as I can. My job here has been a huge opportunity professionally, but is also a part of my ongoing recovery.”  

Ryan Podvin works at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital.
Story via Tom Rademacher and Grand Rapids Press from October 20, 2013

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