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Getting back into the workplace is a goal for many of our patients. Mary Free Bed’s Return to Work Program offers specialized physical and occupational therapy focused on helping you regain functionality and independence — not just at home, but at work, too. Our vocational rehabilitation services do more than fix problems, they prevent them. 

We provide a full array of work-related therapy services to a wide range of patients. Our program may be appropriate if you’re adjusting to a musculoskeletal or neurological injury, such as: 

  • Spinal, knee, shoulder or hip pain 
  • Wrist, hand, elbow, ankle and foot injuries 
  • Cardiopulmonary deconditioning 
  • Muscular weakness or disease 
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What to Expect 

We’ll use assessments and evaluations to determine your functional capacity and performance. These provide important information about your physical abilities and how you might be able to perform in a particular work situation.  

Because we’re focused on your health both now and in the future, the Return to Work Program includes: 

  • Worksite analysis 
  • Ergonomic consultation 
  • Job coaching 
  • Injury prevention training 
  • Workplace stretching  
  • Exercise and placement evaluations.  

You’ll also do work conditioning that focuses on your strength, flexibility, stamina and coordination. These aspects of the vocational rehabilitation program also provide you with education on posture, body mechanics and how to manage pain, in addition to any work restrictions specific to your needs. 

Goals include identifying risks, injury avoidance and other techniques to keep you safe and healthy. 

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