Adaptive At-Home Workouts

Ready to boost your physical and emotional health?

This series of instructional exercise videos will help you build muscle, improve stretching and increase endurance. (Videos were designed by our Wheelchair and Adaptive Sports coordinators, athletes and Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation health professionals.)

Regardless of your ability or skill level, these exercises are a great way to begin physical activity or take it to the next level in the safety of your home.

While these are adaptive exercises, they can benefit able-bodied people, too.

Before you get started:


It’s best to start a strengthening program two to three times a week with 48 hours (about two days) of rest in between workouts of the same muscle groups. Progress from eight to 12 repetitions of each exercise; when you can do 12 reps easily, then progress your resistance.


Don’t have weights? Try soup cans. If you’re using resistance bands or tubes, most have five levels, from light to heavy. It’s best to start light and progress to a more resistive band as you tolerate the workout, and 12 reps becomes easy.


Hold each stretch for 15-30 seconds; repeat two to four times.

The exercises focus on four areas of the body: shoulders, chest, back, and arms.





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