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She’s got the beat: Cardio drumming fuels Marian’s recovery

Marian Johnson is tapping into her drumming skills and rocking her rehabilitation.

Marian, who turns 85 next month, came to Mary Free Bed to gain strength and stamina after a recent illness left her weakened. When recreational therapist Katie Harrington asked Marian what type of activities she enjoys, she shared her love for cardio drumming.

“It looked like fun,” said Marian, who was introduced to the exercise at The Village of Heather Hills in Grand Rapids, where she moved following a stroke. “I love music but had never played the drums.”

Marian began playing with a group of about 12 other residents.

“We did a few shows for the other residents, including one with a western theme,” she said. “We’ve wanted more people to join, but I think they’re intimidated by us.”

Cardio drumming is a fun exercise that encourages mobility and strength. Participants bang on an exercise ball to the rhythm of a song or a beat. Marian said it’s helped strengthen and stretch her left arm, which was weakened by her stroke: “It’s a good workout.”

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