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Mary Free Bed Spine Center patient Ann Ward: ‘They truly gave me my life back’

Ann Ward has a posse of grandchildren, great-grandchildren and a great-great-grandchild, and she doesn’t have time for pain. The retired Grattan Township paramedic suffered from near-disabling back pain and came to the Mary Free Bed Spine Center for treatment.

In this video, Ann shares how Spine Center specialists helped identify the source of her pain and determine the steps needed to get back to living without it.

“All of us try diligently to hear the patient’s story and what makes their situation unique so that we can set goals with them and understand how these symptoms impact their lives,” said Teri Holwerda, a nurse practitioner with Mary Free Bed’s Spine Center. “We don’t just treat their symptoms, we treat them as people.”

Today, Ann is back to baking cookies and feeding birds with her grandchildren.

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