Posted on July 30, 2019

Pain Rehabilitation Program opens up ‘a whole new world’ for Gerry

Gerry King suffered with debilitating pain for three years. It became so unbearable, the 75-year-old was unable to care for herself at her Kalamazoo home and began living in a nursing facility.

“You get to a point where you think, OK, if I have to be this way for the rest of my life, so be it,” Gerry said.

But Gerry decided that’s not how she wants to live. When she learned about Mary Free Bed’s Pain Rehabilitation program, she made an appointment at the Kalamazoo location, where the team helped restore her independence.

“Seeing someone like Gerry come in and knowing that we were able to help her get back to complete independence is very, very fulfilling,” said Dr. Stacey Watson, who oversees Gerry’s rehabilitation.

The interdisciplinary Pain Rehabilitation Program serves people with varying degrees of chronic pain and other conditions, such as fatigue, fibromyalgia, headaches or migraines, and musculoskeletal pain. In addition to Kalamazoo, there are offices in Grand Rapids, Holland and Benzonia.

Gerry and her team share her journey in this video: