Posted on May 22, 2015

One-year-old girl defies the odds in outpatient therapy

Aubry MaronekAt Mary Free Bed, we’re daily witnesses to our patients’ determination, grit and strength. This is particularly true of our youngest (and most vulnerable) patients.

Aubry Maronek, who recently celebrated her first birthday, embodies this spirit of hope and resolve.

After being diagnosed with hemimegalencephaly — a rare neurological condition in which one half of the brain is larger than the other half — Aubry had surgery to address recurring seizures. Surgeons removed half of her brain. Post-surgery, Aubry spent more than a week in inpatient rehabilitation at Mary Free Bed.

Aubry — who is from Ostego — is now seizure-free and working to improve her strength and movement. She’s receiving extensive physical, occupational and speech therapy in Mary Free Bed’s Outpatient Therapy Center.

Learn more about Aubry and her family’s journey in this news clip from WWMT (channel 3), “Inspirational Otsego girl a story of hope.