Posted on January 23, 2023

Sean Campbell is Getting “Back” to What He Loves with Chiropractic Care

Last May, Sean Campbell and his wife, Amanda, were excited to pick up their new motorcycle and drive it home. A few hours after buying it, the experience took a dangerous turn.Sean Campbell is Getting “Back” to What He Loves with Chiropractic Care

Sean and Amanda, of Norton Shores, were riding in southeast Michigan on I-94 when a mechanical issue with the vehicle caused Sean to lose control of the bike and crashed into the cement median. Amanda was trapped under the sidecar and sustained minor injuries. Her husband was thrown from the bike and was immediately rushed to a Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ypsilanti.

Sean took a blow to his life-saving helmet and suffered extensive injuries. He broke his pelvis, 15 ribs, left arm, right shoulder and had a deep laceration in his arm requiring a skin graft. Left in critical condition, he was sedated and put on a ventilator to survive.

Several surgeries and 5 weeks later, Sean transferred to Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital inpatient rehabilitation. He got to work gaining his strength and mobility back.

Sean Campbell is Getting “Back” to What He Loves with Chiropractic Care Supercharged Recovery:

After 14 days in inpatient rehabilitation, Sean returned home to continue his recovery. After a few weeks in outpatient therapy, he felt his progress had stalled, but he knew he still had a long way to go.

That’s when Sean asked for Mary and got in touch with Mary Free Bed Chiropractor, Dr. Thomas Fowler.

Dr. Fowler is the only chiropractor in Michigan – and one of only 250 across the country — who’s board certified in rehabilitation by the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board.

Dr. Fowler worked through Sean’s muscles in his back and ribs to help them function the way they did before the accident – giving Sean the mobility to do his physical therapy more efficiently and get back to the things he loves doing like rowing and riding his stationary bike.

“My job at this stage in the game is to fine tune what other people have helped him get to,” said Dr. Fowler. “It was a matter of getting Sean’s mobility back, getting everything to work appropriately, and then retraining muscles that have lost their ability to understand what they were supposed to do.”

Sean Campbell is Getting “Back” to What He Loves with Chiropractic Care

Seven months after his accident, Sean was finally able to return to work.

“The course of my whole recovery changed when I started seeing Dr. Fowler,” said Sean. “His approach to chiropractic care is so different than everything I have experienced.”

The work done by Dr. Fowler and rehabilitation physicians and therapists helped Sean feel like himself again – and get back to what he loves

Chiropractic Services at Mary Free Bed

Chiropractic treatment at Mary Free Bed is individually designed to reduce inflammation, control pain, return range of motion and prevent future problems. This holistic approach to care may include:

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  • Soft tissue manipulation
  • Home exercise plan
  • Postural education
  • Nutrition counseling
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