Posted on May 11, 2010

The earlier torticollis is treated, the better

Jasper Jacobson of Zeeland was born premature. After an extended stays in a neonatal unit his parents noticed Jasper preferred to have his head turned in a certain direction, which caused him to develop a flat spot on his head from lying in the same position for so long.

Their pediatrician suggested Jasper’s parents take him to Mary Free Bed to have the spot evaluated. Mary Free Bed doctors confirmed Jasper had torticollis. If left untreated, children with torticollis can develop balance and strength problems. The longer the condition goes, the harder it can be to correct.

Jasper’s mother, Tina, is thrilled with her son’s experiences at Mary Free Bed. “They make you feel like you’re right at home,” she says. “Their intensity with their level of therapy is amazing.”

With the staff’s help, Jasper has learned to sit up by himself, protect himself when he falls, and sit in ways that strengthen the core of his body.

“I don’t think that we would be as far along in his development process [without Mary Free Bed],” says Tina. “They are just fantastic.”