Posted on January 10, 2018

Dave loses 100 pounds, improves health with Weight Management Program

Make patient in a striped shirt smiles and holds a white piece of paper that reads "100+". Mary Free Bed’s mission is to restore hope and freedom through rehabilitation. Our programs and services are an extension of that mission.

For Dave Nichols, a graduate of the Mary Free Bed Weight Management Program, hope and freedom came by way of improving his wellness.

In this interview, Dave explains how the medically based program has impacted his life and helped him to lose 100 pounds – and counting.

Mary Free Bed: What helpful things did you learn by participating in the program?

Dave: I learned that in order to make lifelong changes, I had to change my habits and that takes quite a bit of time. I started listening to my body more and learned the importance of consistent meals. I’m much more conscious of consuming more fruits and vegetables, and how to eat better in general, whether I’m at home or at a restaurant.

Q: How has the program improved your health?

A: My mobility is improved, and I’m able to stand up straighter. I can walk without a cane and move more comfortably. My blood sugar is better controlled and I’m down to one pill a day to manage it. My HgA1C (which measures average blood glucose control) is normal. My pain is gone, and I feel happier. When you’re depressed about your weight, you don’t have hope. When you can’t move as well, you don’t have freedom. Mary Free Bed helped me find that again.

Q: What new habits have you formed?

A: Eating more fruits and vegetables, and being more aware of what I put into my body. It wasn’t rapid weight loss; the habits I formed helped me get to my goal over time. Now I know I will keep it off.

Q: Would you recommend this program and why?

A: I highly recommend it, because it works! It’s helping me make better choices for the long-term goal of a healthier life. It’s easy to start, and it was great that I’ve got my whole family with me for support. I feel better, have higher self-esteem, and I’m excited to go to my primary care doctor now. He’s thrilled.

Mary Free Bed’s Weight Management Program encompasses much more than a number on a scale. Participants develop self-confidence and healthier relationships with food, improve mental health and well-being, and decrease medications. Sign up today using this form or call 616.840.8908.