Posted on January 20, 2022

Young plane crash survivor shares her rehabilitation journey

Laney Perdue, the sole survivor of a plane crash in northern Michigan last year, is telling her emotional story to a national audience.

On Nov. 13, the 11-year-old and her father, Mike, were flying to Beaver Island – her family’s favorite vacation spot – when the commuter plane crashed, killing everyone on board except, miraculously, Laney. First responders credit her father with saving Laney’s life by protecting her from the impact. She sustained 11 broken bones in her leg and mouth.

Laney spent two weeks in intensive rehabilitation at Mary Free Bed before graduating Dec. 1. Her team was impressed with Laney’s determination.

“She’s going to make an excellent and full recovery,” said Dr. Marianne Mousigian, a pediatric physiatrist with Mary Free Bed Kids. “With how active and how determined she is, I have no doubt that she’ll do wonderfully.”

Laney’s home with her family – her mom, Christie, and three siblings – attending school and continuing physical therapy three times per week, getting stronger every day. Laney’s using a walking cast and had the wires removed from her jaw, allowing for her favorite treat – McDonald’s French fries.

While Laney continues her recovery, she’s thankful for the memories of her father, a man she called “amazing.”

She and Christie have shared their story with People magazine, which hits newsstands Friday. “People (the TV Show!)” also featured a piece on the Perdues Wednesday night.

They’ll also appear Jan. 31 on syndicated talk show “Tamron Hall.” Check local listings to find the show.