Posted on May 30, 2018

High-intensity gait training fuels stroke survivor’s recovery

Nick Snyder came to Mary Free Bed for rehabilitation following a stroke that caused significant weakness on the left side of his body. Unable to stand without assistance, the 56-year-old Sheridan resident participated in high-intensity gait training to help him regain strength and endurance. When he graduated five weeks later, Nick was walking.

High-intensity gait training has been the focus of a long-term research study to identify rehabilitation protocols that facilitate better and faster recovery. The study, in its fourth year, has included 380 patients in Mary Free Bed’s Stroke Program.

Preliminary results from the study have been presented at national conferences, said Roberta Virva, manager of Clinical Research in Mary Free Bed’s Center for Research & Innovation.

“We’re very pleased,” Roberta said. “This is a successful example of adoption of evidence-based practices in a busy rehabilitation hospital.”

Lauren Lenca, a physical therapist on the stroke and research teams, worked with Nick during his stay. In this video, Lauren explains how high-intensity gait training was used effectively to maximize Nick’s recovery: