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AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

Specialized air pressure technology provides a near-weightless experience for patients who are re-learning to walk after injury or illness. An “anti-gravity” chamber allows the therapist to adjust the level of support offered, intensifying the session as your strength and endurance improve. The AlterG provides a safe environment while encouraging a natural walking pattern and full range of motion. Click to see the AlterG in action.


This computer-assisted device is designed to improve upper body movement and functionality, including range-of-motion and hand-eye coordination


With biofeedback, patients with neuromuscular damage can re-educate muscles that are working improperly or not at all. During biofeedback, an electrical signal passes from an electrode placed over the affected muscle to an attached computer monitor. Using visual and audio cues, biofeedback helps the brain reconnect with parts of the body it wasn’t communicating with before.

Ceiling-mounted ambulation systems

Hundreds of feet of ceiling-mounted Tollos and ZeroG are located throughout the inpatient and outpatient treatment areas. We also offer both ambulation systems in our outpatient treatment spaces. Our gait and balance training system provides static or dynamic body-weight support so you and your physical therapist can safely work on barrier-free walking and balance tasks. Click to see ZeroG in action.

Dynavision – D2

The Dynavision D2 interactive light-up display allows therapists to assess and improve hand-eye coordination, concentration, endurance, eye movement, reaction time and peripheral vision. This dynamic tool can be particularly beneficial for patients who have had a stroke or a traumatic brain injury and are experiencing cognitive deficits related to vision.

Indego Exoskeleton

An exoskeleton with motorized hips and legs, the Indego helps if you’ve had a stroke, spinal cord injury or another condition that limits mobility. The robotic walking device automatically moves your legs and provides support as you stand and walk.


An intensive, robot-assisted walking technology, the Lokomat focuses on muscle strength and neurological memory. It allows you to remember the pattern of walking while being supported by a harness and using a special treadmill with robotic “legs.” Click to see the Lokomat in action.

RT300 FES Cycle

Functional Electrical Stimulation — or FES — safely uses pulses of electrical current to stimulate peripheral nerves, causing muscle contractions. This specialized therapy tool allows therapists to target specific sets of muscles. This can be effective for improving strength if you have a spinal cord injury or are living with certain neurological conditions. Click to see the RT300 FES Cycle in action.

Click to learn about the FES cycling program at the Mary Free Bed YMCA.

Therapeutic pools

Water therapy in our therapy pools is ideal for many reasons – the warm temperature combined with the buoyancy provided by the water decreases gravitational forces on your body so you can move easier, it helps muscles relax so you can experience greater range of motion and it increases circulation. The pool also is a safe environment to work on increasing muscle strength and flexibility and performing tasks, such as standing or ambulation that may not yet be possible to do on land. Mary Free Bed offers two therapy pools, including one of the area’s only therapeutic temperature (94 degrees Fahrenheit) pools. A smaller pool at a more traditional temperature (84 degrees Fahrenheit) is a comfortable option if you prefer cooler temperatures. Three spacious patient changing rooms ensure privacy for you and a caregiver, when necessary. A ceiling-mounted lift system enhances safety. Click to see an example of patients engaged in aquatic therapy in our pools.

Vision Coach Interactive Light Board

This dynamic, state-of-the-art system promotes and enhances visual function, muscular coordination and neuromotor abilities.