Tom and Andrea Yared honor their son’s memory

Tom and Andrea Yared 1Research conducted by Mary Free Bed physical therapists Kirk Randall and Jennifer McWain has led to a groundbreaking discovery—and helped solidify a substantial donation from Tom and Andrea Yared in memory of their son, John.

John YaredJohn Yared, a patient with brain cancer, worked with Kirk and Jenn on balance issues caused by chemotherapy-induced numbness in his lower limbs. John was tested on the Neurocom SMART Equitest, which showed he had a dysfunction of his vestibular system, the inner ear area that controls balance. So instead of treating John’s numbness, Kirk and Jenn focused treatment on his vestibular system, which improved John’s balance. John was one of the original participants in the research study.

Brain cancer took John’s life last year, but his parents were so impressed with the care he received at Mary Free Bed that they decided to donate to the capital campaign. An individual outpatient therapy room will bear John’s name. “I hope he sees it from up there,” his mom said, pointing skyward.

Kirk and Jenn presented their findings at the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine in Toronto last year and have received a grant to continue their work.

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