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Restoring balance with vestibular rehabilitation therapy

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation HospitalA balance disorder can affect a person’s quality of life by significantly impacting his or her comfort and safety. A person who has vertigo, for instance, may have trouble performing daily tasks at home or work. Vestibular rehabilitation therapy, such as what’s offered at Mary Free Bed, can help to address these issues.

Mary Free Bed therapists Sandra Nagel, MPT, and Michelle Terrell, MS, PT, recently collaborated to author an article on the topic, “Feeling Dizzy?” for the specialty publication “Rehab Management.”

In the piece, Sandra and Michelle write: “Clearly, dizziness and imbalance are common problems for people, whether or not treatment is sought. Vestibular rehabilitation is often an effective treatment for restoring function and decreasing symptoms…

“Vestibular rehabilitation is an effective and evidence-based means of improving function while decreasing symptoms of dizziness and imbalance. Most often, dizziness symptoms are not visible to others, and yet people who experience vestibular problems suffer, sometimes for a long periods of time before receiving help. For many, being treated by a vestibular rehabilitation specialist is key for recovery from balance and dizziness disorders.”  

Click to read the article and learn more about vestibular rehabilitation. Seeking information about Mary Free Bed’s vestibular program? Call 616.840.8005.

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