Nichols family works together to become a weight loss success story

Weight Loss Success Stories Mary Free Bed 1Dave Nichols needed a total hip replacement, but his doctor told him that he had to lose 70 pounds before the surgery could be performed. His wife, Denise, saw a brochure for the Mary Free Bed’s Weight Management Program, which helps men and women of all ages and in all stages of their weight-loss journey.

“We had hope, finally,” Denise said.

Dave and his son, Eric, joined the program together in April 2015, and his daughter, Sara, followed along at home. After witnessing their weight loss success stories, Denise joined in September.

“This is the easiest and most successful weight-loss program we have ever done,” Denise said.

The medically-based program is designed to promote a healthy lifestyle by focusing on behavioral changes that promote physical and mental well-being, including fitness and eating habits. Participants meet once a week for 20 weeks in an hour-long class that covers a variety of topics, including stress management, calorie counting, meal planning, time management, physical activity and setting healthy boundaries.

Weight Loss Success Stories Mary Free Bed 2The program, led by Dr. Jeffrey Kramer, includes a registered dietitian, exercise physiologist and a psychologist. The team evaluates each participant’s psychological, musculoskeletal and social factors.

“Our program takes a comprehensive behavioral approach to make lifelong changes to achieve our patients’ goals,” Dr. Kramer said. “We do not have a quick fix, but we do provide education, support and a plan that has proven to be enormously successful.”

The Weight Management Program begins with 4 to 5 meal replacements each day in a variety of flavors, including vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and potato soup. These can be made into smoothies or turned into recipes.

Denise said her family was happy to learn how to make their favorite Mexican meal healthier by using the potato soup meal replacement to make tortillas and chicken or ground turkey instead of beef.

Weight Loss Success Stories Mary Free Bed 3“At the end of the 20 weeks, you have been weaned back to all regular grocery foods so you have made a lifelong lifestyle change and should be able to keep the weight off,” Denise said.

Dave lost 74 pounds and underwent hip-replacement surgery in February. Denise lost 40 pounds, while Sara lost 63 and Eric lost 50.

“A family that works together to achieve common goals is always more successful,” Dr. Kramer said. “The Nichols were able to support each other – even compete with each other – yielding even more positive results.”

For more information about Mary Free Bed’s Weight Management Program or to schedule an appointment, call 616.840.8908. Free informational sessions are available.

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