Andria finds hope, learns mindfulness with Weight Management Program

Andria Kiel joined the Mary Free Bed Weight Management Program hoping to drop weight for good.

Through participation in the program’s 20-week Foundation class followed by the year-round Stride program, Andria’s goals evolved into achieving lifelong health and wellness. She recently completed her first 5K.

In this blog, Andria shares her experience:

Why did you join the Weight Management program?
Being overweight made me feel miserable! Having lost the same 40-50 pounds multiple times, only to gain it all back, I wanted permanent success and a better lifestyle.  I already had weight-related health issues in my 40s, and it was time to turn that around. I wanted to feel better, to feel healthy and to age gracefully rather than being decrepit.

What were some of the most helpful things you learned?
Successful weight management is a lifelong journey and not a quick fix. I have a habit of seeing things as either black or white – no gray. This program helped me recognize my thoughts and self-talk and how they play a huge role in my successes and challenges. I’ve learned how to slow down and enjoy my food, practice mindfulness when eating and how to plan balanced meals with adequate protein. It’s also become very evident to me how the food industry promotes excessive eating and how to strategize around this.

How has the program helped you?
It’s given me hope and helped me believe that I am making permanent positive changes – the hope and belief that I don’t have to go back to being overweight and miserable. I’ve developed better, healthier habits and gained more confidence about my appearance. I feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

What new habits have you formed?

  • Moving more throughout my day
  • Seeking physical activities for recreation and entertainment
  • Consuming three or more vegetables and two fruits every day
  • Taking the stairs
  • Parking farther away

Have you gotten off any medication or made any significant health changes?
I cut my blood pressure medication in half.

Would you recommend this program and why?
Yes, I highly recommend this program, because it helps people make long-term lifestyle changes. This may be the key to helping me overcome obesity permanently.

New classes begin soon. For more information or to sign up, complete the form here or call 616.840.8908.

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