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Need rehabilitation? Ask for Mary. Call 616.840.8790.

We know the need for rehabilitation doesn’t stop during a pandemic. Mary Free Bed is committed to providing a safe and secure rehabilitation experience for you, whether it’s as an inpatient, outpatient or virtually through any one of our sites around the state of Michigan or northern Indiana.

Our board-certified physicians, nurses, therapists and other professionals are specially trained in rehabilitation for adults and children with amputations, brain injuries, cancer, spinal cord injuries, strokes and many more conditions, including therapies for those recovering from the effects of COVID-19.

It’s your right to choose where you receive rehabilitation, and we’d be honored to be your source of healing, for whatever your condition, whether in-person or virtually.

Inpatient programs: 616.840.8790
Outpatient programs and services: 616.840.8005