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Need rehabilitation? Ask for a prescription for hope and love, and Ask for Mary. Call 616.840.8790.

Hope and Love PrescriptionCEO Kent Riddle says the most important thing we can do is love our patients. And we do.

Here’s how one mother described her child’s care:

“They took amazing care of my girl and loved her like she was one of their own. The love felt there is indescribable, and while we said ‘goodbye’ today, it will never be that, it will always be a ‘see you later’ followed by an ‘I love you!’”

In our world of professional embraces, you’ll be cared for by a team of seasoned experts. Our board-certified physicians, nurses, therapists and other professionals are specially trained in rehabilitation for adults and children with amputations, brain injuries, cancer, multiple trauma, spinal cord injuries, strokes and many more conditions. We have a  full range of resources for a short course of treatment or a lifetime of care.

It’s your right to choose where you receive rehabilitation. We’d love it if you Ask For Mary, whether you need rehabilitation for a simple or complex condition.

Inpatient programs: 616.840.8790
Outpatient programs and services: 616.840.8005

Watch Clementine’s story here: